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Helping You Becoming More Effective For A Bigger Impact In Business And In Life

Hi, I am Ben.
German living in Australia.
Loving husband.
Coffee addict (Seriously. You can bribe me with coffee.)
And strategic productivity enthusiast.

Why strategic productivity?

Being more productive didn't do much for me: quite the opposite.

As Project Management Consultant, I worked more and more hours. The results didn't improve. They got worse.

Poor performance, paired with stress, overwhelm and overweight soon followed.

I was efficient. But not effective.

So, I started thinking: why do I deliver successful projects for organisations but can't seem to bring my personal projects in order?

I soon found I was focussing on the wrong stuff. I was really good at doing things I shouldn't be doing at all. My prioritisation was completely off.

- Emails over important calls to clients.
- Perfecting the organisation chart over delivering it fit for purpose and kicking off an important proposal
- Attending yet another networking event over fostering deeper relationships with my existing network

I completely had to rethink my approach to work. And Project Management was key, as it asks this question:
does the project deliver the organisation's strategy? If yes, good. If no… terminate it.

With this focus on the important I was able to put effective first, efficient second. Becoming strategically productive over being just productive changed everything for me.

My goal with EFFECTiFY ME is to do the same for you: show you the strategies, systems and tools that can help you with the stress and overwhelm, so you can focus on what's important in your life and business to create the results that matter most.